Secret Project

SECRET PROJECT is an up to 66 minutes adventure from 2 to 6 players

Jump into an exciting adventure, full of surprises and action, in an underground informatics laboratory owned by a big corporation. Game partially inspired upon universes like ‘The Matrix’, ‘Ghost In The Shell’, the ‘Mr. Robot’ series, ‘The Terminator’ famous saga and the aclaimed ‘Portal’ videogame. Step into the shoes of agents of the special operations Section of the TowerNet Corporation and complete all the objectives in an intense mission.

“Secret Project” will provide you with the best you can expect from the latest escape games in Europe with live performance included. Live a unique and unrepeatable Escape Room!

  • Environment: Underground informatics lab Lambda-22
  • Gender: Sci-Fi / Action
  • Atmosphere: Technology / Retro-futuristic
  • Music: Modern orchestra / Electro / Industrial
  • Escape Game with live performance!


You and your Special Operations team work for the ‘Section 09’ at the well known TowerNET Corporation, a company dedicated to the development of new technologies and computer engineering. ‘Section 09’ has a great reputation since its foundation, as you are the agents specialized in delicate missions where time and results are crucial. You have been summoned this morning for an urgent mission: you have to discover what has happened in an underground computer lab owned by the TowerNET, where a secret project has just been canceled. Get ready to lead your team in a truly extraordinary place!

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(Warning: there are spoilers!)

You must re-establish the communications with the development team -including Abby Connor, its supervisor- which was lost some hours ago, and ensure that the situation is under control. In addition to accompanying you with a Section 02 computer security expert, the corporation has also assigned you a series of aditional objectives that you must also complete during this challenging mission.

Failing in this important task can put your careers in jeopardy!

[ End of spoilers ]

Real image of the interior of the Lambda-22 Underground Informatics Lab

This adventure has NO terror/horror parts and it is suitable for all audiences.

Minors must always be accompanied by an adult.

Activity recommended for ages 12 and up.

The game has 2 versions when making the reservation:

Normal: with content for people over 12 years of age.
Adapted: for teams with players under 12 years of age.