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Time is running out… will you live to tell the tale?

Live unique and unrepeatable adventures

Experience a 100% exclusive, original, thrilling and entertaining adventure.

Lock yourself and your team up in a spectacular place for 60 minutes

Search for clues. Solve enigmas, mysteries, puzzles and jigsaws

Open the door to your freedom by working together. Each second counts!

What is Torrenigma?

A unique escape room

Torrenigma is much more than an escape room, it’s the exciting adventure you’ve been looking for. Our games are designed to be as entertaining as possible and will encourage every player to cooperate, sharpen their wit, use logic and coordinate with each other in a perfectly designed atmosphere so you can fully immerse yourself in it..

This is not a franchise so our stories are exclusive!

This wholesome, fun and safe activity is suitable for groups of friends, families and coworkers.

In addition, our escape room experience is harder than the average Spanish escape room, where players are given too much help, which reduces the thrill of solving enigmas and puzzles. Knowing that you’ll always be able to escape makes it less exciting.

Here you’ll be on your own mostly. Your success or failure hinges on your own abilities, unless you specifically ask for a beginner's game.



How much does it cost?

It depends on the number of players.

  • 2 PLAYERS = 20,00 € per Player (Total 40,00 €).
  • 3 PLAYERS = 15,00 € per Player (Total 45,00 €).
  • 4 PLAYERS = 12,50 € per Player (Total 50,00 €).
  • 5 PLAYERS = 12,00 € per Player (Total 60,00 €).
  • 6 PLAYERS = 12,00 € per Player (Total 72,00 €).

Minimum 2 players & maximum 6 players. VAT included in all prices.

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Where are we located?

We are in Calle ISIDORO RIVAS, 3, Torre del Mar
29740, Málaga (20 minutes by car from the capital).

Our establishment is in the downtown area, next to Avenida de Andalucía, between Calle del Mar and Calle Princesa.

In peak season (from May to September) it is a good idea to arrive with plenty of time to find room to park.


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