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Torrenigma Terpeca 2023 Nominee Top Escape Room
Nominated "Top Escape Room 2023" at the TERPECTA international awards for "Source Code: Secret Project 2"

Looking for a great Escape Room in Málaga province?

Immerse yourself in exciting and original escape room experiences with your team.

A race against time to achieve your goal in movie scenarios.

Interpreting clues, obtaining codes and solving enigmas will be the tests to overcome.

Your team: the best ally to complete the adventure.
Every second counts!

Live unique and unrepeatable adventures!
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What is Torrenigma?

A UNIQUE Escape Room, in the province of Málaga.

We are not a franchise, our adventures are exclusive!

Torrenigma is much more than an Escape Room in Málaga; it is the exciting adventure you are looking for. Our games are designed with a lot of love and dedication to make them challenging, encouraging cooperation, encouraging players to sharpen their wits, logic and coordination. All of this in an atmosphere that has been carefully designed to ensure maximum immersion.

It is the perfect activity to do with co-workers, groups of friends and family. Healthy, safe and fun.

In addition, we bet on a higher difficulty than the Spanish average, in which the games are too simple and basic, or the escapist is helped too much, losing the thrill of solving the puzzles and enigmas by yourself.

An Escape Game that you know you are sure to escape from is much less exciting.

Here, success or failure will depend exclusively on your team, unless you are playing a game for novices or escape enthusiasts.


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What is an Escape Room?

Summarizing it a lot: an Escape Room is a group activity in which you must complete an adventure within a scenery set-dressing by solving various riddles, puzzles and enigmas.

So that you have a more exact vision of what an Escape Room is, we certainly recommend that you visit the following article that explains it in detail:

If you want to discover this fun and exciting activity, you can check our adventure catalog and book from the following link:

Where is Torrenigma Escape Room located?

Located in the heart of Torre del Mar, our headquarters are at Calle Isidoro Rivas, 3.

Go to our Contact section to see details about our location and to find out where to park.

Do you have other questions about us? Visit our Frequently Asked Questions section

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