What is an Escape Room and how does it work?

que es escape room como funciona

If you haven’t had a chance to experience an escape room yet, you’re missing out on a challenging experience that’s surely unlike anything you’ve ever done before.

An escape room is an activity in which a group of people is locked in a room and must find, especially using teamwork, a way to escape before time runs out. In addition, they are usually customized and with their own unique theme. In this article on our blog we explain in more detail what an escape room is, how it works and why you should definitely try it.

Original façade of Torrenigma Escape Room, in Torre del Mar (Málaga)

What is an Escape Room?

An escape room is a game where you and your team must work together to complete the adventure in a limited time (usually 60-90 minutes).

Participants have to find hidden objects and other clues in order to solve various puzzles and enigmas, decipher codes and come up with solutions to unlock new areas of the game. Finally the team must find a way to escape the room before time runs out.

They are designed to be exciting, challenging and mentally stimulating, making them a perfect activity for friends, family and co-workers. The activity requires the participants to work together and communicate effectively to solve the challenges, since most of them are designed to be cooperative.

They can have different themes, from the classic prison cell from which you have to escape, through solving mysteries in a museum, investigations in a haunted house, a mission in a spaceship or a military infiltration operation, among others. Each adventure has its own story and unique challenges for the participants to solve. A well-designed game will have not only the decoration but also its riddles and puzzles well integrated with the theme itself.

Escape Room Theme
The themes of the Escape Rooms can be very diverse.

In recent years, escape rooms have become a popular form of entertainment around the world, with escape rooms on five continents and especially popular in Europe, Asia and North America. These games are ideal for those looking for a unique and exciting activity that offers an experience unlike any other.

Escape rooms have become popular due to their immersive and very safe nature (especially when compared to other types of entertainment). As participants progress through the game, they can feel their adrenaline and excitement level rise as the end of the game approaches.

How does an Escape Room work?

At the start of the game, the group of players is ushered into the themed room and given an introduction to the story. From there, the group is usually free to move around the room, so the first task is always to thoroughly search the room -unless we have been told otherwise-.

The clues can be hidden in different parts of the room, such as decorative objects, furniture, or even the walls and floor. There are also items that could be decorative, so players often have to figure out if an item is actually useful to them or not. Players must therefore work together to identify and analyze each clue, and then use it to solve challenges and progress through the game.

Challenges often include codes, brain teasers, various puzzles, and skill tests. As players solve each challenge, they are provided with new items or additional information that helps them progress through the story. In Torrenigma, for example, we make a special effort to tell a unique story during the adventure.

It is important to note that escape rooms are not games of chance or physical force. Instead, participants need to use mental skills, logic, observation, and teamwork to solve the challenges. Teams can range in size from two to more than ten people, depending on the case. Our experience in the sector leads us to the conclusion that the ideal teams are usually made up of between 3 and 5 players.

The duration of the escape rooms can also vary, but in general they usually last between 60 and 90 minutes. There are exceptions of adventures that can last from 15 minutes (“Escape Room express” or publicity activities) to 3 hours (super-experiences like “The Paradox”, in Athens, Greece). During this time, players must work together to find the clues and solve the challenges before time runs out.

Time: a key factor in Escape Rooms. Don’t waste it and focus on the clues!

Why should you try an Escape Room?

There are many reasons why you should try an escape room. First of all, they offer an exciting and unique experience, very different from any other leisure activity. You will live an adventure in the first person, where you are the protagonist.

As it is a healthy and safe leisure activity, in addition to being exciting, you will be in a very controlled environment, since only the players who have reserved the room are in the space, so it has a private and exclusive character.

In addition, escape rooms are also an excellent way to strengthen ties with groups of friends, family, and coworkers. The activity encourages collaboration and effective communication, which can go a long way in improving interpersonal relationships.

Another advantage of escape rooms is that they are highly customizable. You can choose an escape room with a theme that you like, to further increase the excitement and fun of the experience. Sometimes you can also choose a difficulty in the same game or a level of intensity of the experience.

Finally we add that the escape rooms are accessible and suitable for a wide range of people and age range. You can enjoy the activity with people of almost all ages (usually from 10/12 years old), which makes it an excellent option for family or team events.

Each Escape Room is a world. Dive into it and enjoy!

In short, escape rooms are an exciting and challenging activity that offer a unique real-life gaming experience. It’s like living a movie from within. If you haven’t tried an escape room yet, we encourage you to do so and experience the thrill of solving puzzles, finding clues, and making your escape!

Are you ready to try a fun and unique escape room? Come to Torrenigma and live your experience today. You will not regret!

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