Gift Card

Surprise with an elegant Torrenigma Gift Card!

Gifting an experience is much better than gifting a physical object, multiple contemporary studies have confirmed that. Torrenigma Escape Room offers you this opportunity with an original gift with which you will be right for sure.

Designed with spectacular care and detail, our cards are ideal for a good birthday gift, an anniversary surprise or if you want to make a difference during Christmas. There are those who even use it as an original detail to lock themselves in with someone on Valentine’s Day… 😍

You can give away a basic card (if you don’t know which game to choose) or choose a particular adventure. There are gift cards for all adventures. And beware, that’s not all: if you choose the virtual option you can customize yours because we design them personally. Yes, you’re reading that right: it’s a ‘handmade’ and unique gift!

You have two options to choose from: Virtual and Physical.

Virtual Gift Card

Tarjetas Regalo Virtuales Torrenigma Escape Room

Receive it in your email or on your mobile phone, in PDF format to carry it on any mobile device. This way you can forward the Gift Card you receive to the person who is going to use it. Or ready to print it, if you want to give it away physically. Remember how important is the serial number on the back of the card, so avoid losing it.

Advantages of the Virtual Gift Card

  • It is customizable!
  • It is ecological. It generates zero waste.
  • Allows you to add additional players later.
  • It does NOT expire, you can use it whenever you want.
  • In high resolution, so if you want to print it you can do it with good quality.
  • It gives good karma. Almost sure! 😊

Physical Gift Card

Torrenigma Phisical Gift Card example

Protected in an enigmatic and elegant envelope, collect it without additional costs at our headquarters, at C/ Isidoro Rivas 3, in Torre del Mar (Málaga) Or receive it certified at the desired address (Iberian Peninsula). As soon as you have it, you can give it to whoever you want!

Advantages of the Physical Gift Card

  • It is a keepsake for posterity!
  • It is of good quality. Printed in full color on good grammage cardboard.
  • Allows you to add additional players later.
  • It does NOT expire, you can use it whenever you want.
  • You’ll get status and prestige. Probably! 😁

Your offering will please Torrenigma’s deities and years of prosperity will (possibly) follow you!

Once you fill out the form, please check your email inbox for further payment instructions. If you haven’t received anything in a few minutes, please check your ‘spam’ folder.


    Number of Players (VAT included in all prices)

    How do you want to receive it?

    Important: Check with whoever receives the Gift Card that they understand that they must make a reservation for the desired day and time to be able to play the adventure in Torrenigma.

    All ‘Gift Cards’ are subject to the ‘Gift Card Conditions of Use’, which you can consult on the page Terms of use.

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