Frequently Asked Questions

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An escape room is an activity in which a group of people is locked in a room and must find, especially using teamwork, a way to escape before time runs out. In addition, they are usually customized and with their own unique theme. To better understand the activity, we recommend you take a look at this article on our blog, where we explain it in detail.

Each adventure varies in duration and characteristics, therefore the prices vary according to the chosen game and the number of players.
To see the price of an adventure simply go to the desired adventure booking page from here and you will see the prices listed below the booking calendar. You can also see the prices from the reservation form itself.
Children under 6 years of age (included) do not pay, they play for free, although we recommend the activity from 10/12 years of age, approximately.

Well, we do lock you up in a room, but we don’t think it’s claustrophobic. There are no tiny spaces, and the distance to the ceiling is much more than enough. In addition, the room has permanent air communication and adequate ventilation (they are not hermetic). If you have any concerns about this, you should know that we will always have eyes and ears on everything that happens inside (there are cameras and microphones), so you can go out if you think you feel bad or uncomfortable; inside the room, there is always a security key so you can open the door if you want. Luckily until now, no escapist has ever given up due to claustrophobia! 🙂

Despite being adventures with hyper-realistic decorations and having background music and sound -in order to be immersive-, we assure you that it is not scary. It’s just like being in a mystery or suspense movie. We also understand that every player’s experience is different, so one player might find it more exciting than another. At the moment in Torrenigma, we do not have any horror adventures per se, something that we advise you to check in any other Escape Room before reserving.
All you have to do is remember that this is a game and you are not really locked up. 😉

Nothing happens! 🙂 When the game time is over, we will open the door for you and you will be able to leave normally. Don’t worry, many teams don’t manage to escape during game time. There are riddles that can be more complicated, and it’s common to get stuck and not finish on time even with our help. In Spain, there is an unfortunate widespread trend that consists in pushing teams to win by speeding up time (even drastically manipulating it); although the actual worldwide success of ESCAPE ROOMS is around 40% * Which means that only 4 out of every 10 teams escape!
* (Statistics based on a study conducted by Scott Nicholson, Professor, Game Design and Development at Wilfrid Laurier University in Brantford, Ontario, Canada). Twitter: @snicholson

Yes, at Torrenigma Escape Room we have an ideal game for newbies in escapism named “The Arcane Amulet” It is an adventure in which, prior to its start, we explain in detail all the rules of the game, give guidance and useful advice to those who have never played, and we adapt the difficulty to the team in question (the game has 6 different difficulty levels).

We want to make sure that your experience is the best it can be while playing here, so please get in touch with us to discuss the various options for a larger party size than determined on each adventure.
For safety and fun reasons, we prefer not to breach the stipulated capacity limit.
Here is a brief reference on how we would do it if you are a large group:

  • 6 players (for games with a maximum of 5 players, such as Secret Project and Source Code): 2 teams of 3 people.
  • 7 players: 1 team of 3 people and 1 team of 4 people.
  • 8 players: 2 teams of 4 people.
  • 9 players: 1 team of 4 people and 1 team of 5 people.
  • 10 players: 2 teams of 5 people.

Think that by playing several teams, you can compete and see who breaks the time record!

In order to play you will need someone, since all our adventures require a minimum of 2 players. One idea to find someone is to ask your social media contacts, ex-colleagues, or even visit the Escape Room Players Facebook group where you can search for someone who hasn’t played here yet!

Congratulations on the pregnancy! ☺
Yes she can, but obviously at her own risk. Our games never require a great physical effort. As long as she has a caring team to help her, the pregnant woman will do great, and there is no task that would particularly exclude her.
There are many pregnant women who have passed through Torrenigma since we opened in 2017. Of course, so far there have been no births in our facilities, will you be the first?

Our adventure “The Arcane Amulet” is completely wheelchair accessible, although there are 2 parts of the game where the person in the chair will probably need the help of their team to “see or reach” (depending on their height) things in the game .
The “Secret Project” and “Source Code” adventures are completely wheelchair accessible, no exceptions.

We are not going to tell you how you should dress, your style is unique 😉
From loincloths to complete Victorian-era costumes, all clothes are welcome. Nevertheless, it is true that we recommend that you bring comfortable clothing, so it is preferable not to bring high heels or come in a nuclear decontamination suit.

It is unlikely… although you can drop in and -with the help of the deities of Torrenigma- we will try by all means to prepare a game for you. But to completely ensure the desired date and time, it is supercalifrigilisticexpialidociously recommendable to make a reservation in advance, via the web or by calling our reservation number (+34) 691 91 26 30, from 10:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m.
Keep in mind that on weekends, and especially during high season, the games fills up quickly with reservations!

Definitely. It is your civil duty and one of the most important goals in life.
We offer a Gift Card so you can give the experience to that person you admire, or who you would like to see locked in a room for a while… ☺
In addition, if the reason is a birthday, we also give away a SPECIAL KEY as a souvenir to record such a special day! (It could be requested to show an identity document for proof).

Yes, we would certainly love to help you with that! We love surprises and we like to believe that we are good at it. ☺

Torrenigma is the ideal place to celebrate a birthday, to include it as a fun and energizing activity for a group of co-workers, or as part of a bachelorette party.

When you make a reservation, feel free to add in the comments the reason that brings you to visit, and we will do our best to make you feel like Frodo Baggins in The Shire by having a particularly cozy session in our arms.

Yeah! This is a GREAT family activity. The game is suitable for all ages, as long as there is at least one adult. It is advised that children are at least 12 years old to fully enjoy the game.
With no adults present, the age limit is 16, although a responsible adult will need to come with the team to sign an authorization. It’s actually a lot of fun to see how well kids do at specific tasks, plus they’re often much better than us adults at splitting hairs. A child’s imagination has no limits! Bring your little ones to play and enjoy a super fun family time!

Since we are on the ‘Costa del Sol’, our clients can come from very different places, so in addition to SPANISH the games can be played in ENGLISH.
All the information and elements of the game are international or will be in both available languages: Spanish and English.
In addition, VISUAL clues will be offered through a monitor, so there is no need to fear if your level of English or Spanish is not very good.

The difficulty of our adventures is established and customized for each adventure by our Game Masters following two parameters: the number of players you are and the experience you have in Escape Rooms. That means that the more experience you have, the game will be progressively more complicated! That’s why we recommend being very honest with your team’s average experience, to avoid the game becoming too easy or too difficult.

The Escape Game (Escape Room) is a fantastic idea as an activity for companies in any professional field. Keep in mind that the activity encourages cooperation, communication, and problem-solving. It also helps to develop skills related to reaching a common goal and teamwork. Our human team is prepared to organize groups of different sizes and be able to carry out the activity fully monitored. In addition, we’ll give you professional and friendly treatment at the same time.

When you make an online reservation and pay in advance by Bizum or bank transfer, you have the opportunity to cancel the reservation. To receive the full amount of the reservation you must cancel at least 48 hours before the start time of the game. If you cancel less than 48 hours in advance, the refund of the amount is not guaranteed, although the reservation can be changed at another time if possible.

Yes, logically -and whenever you want- you will be issued an invoice for the value paid for the activity after its completion. This invoice will be sent to you in digital format at the email address that was used to make the reservation. If you need a printed invoice, we will need at least 3 working days to be able to hand it to you in physical format (to be picked up at the place where the adventure took place).

Check your spam folder, email systems often work as well as Spanish justice.
If after a reasonable time of about 15 minutes you have not seen your confirmation email, there may have been a problem with the reservation. Call or send us a WhatsApp / Telegram at (+34) 691 91 26 30, or an email to explaining your problem, and we will manually confirm that your reservation is correctly made.

We have been designing the room for some time, but construction work is scheduled to start at the end of 2023. We estimate that, if there are no delays, the game can be inaugurated at the end of 2024. If you want you can subscribe to our newsletter by sending an e-mail to (one or two a year does not hurt) and we will notify you when the room is ready and the reservations are available!

Probably yes. Everything that has happened is in the past, we live now and from now on there is only what we will do “hereafter”. We promised that we’d answer frequently asked questions, so there you go.

Enough questions, don’t you think?
Make sure you arrive on time to your game so we can solve your doubts face to face, in situ. Even existential or geeky-rocambolesque questions. You can also call the reservations phone number (+34) 691 91 26 30 (from 10:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m.) or, if it is not urgent, send us an email and we will clarify any questions.

☺We look forward to seeing you!