Source Code

Source Code by Torrenigma 2nd Winner Best Games at the Escape Room Awards 2023
2nd Prize for "Best Games" at the Escape Room Awards 2023

SOURCE CODE is a 75 or 100 MINUTES adventure from 2 to 6 players

Delve into this fascinating experience, full of surprises and complex challenges, in the official sequel to “Secret Project”. An absolute display of technology, geeky gadgets and other unprecedented fantastic things await you in this second part of the “TowerNet” duology. So, Source Code brings you the best you can expect from Europe’s next generation escape games. Live a unique and unrepeatable Escape Room!

WARNING:It is strongly advised to play “Secret Project” adventure first, as “Source Code” is a story that starts hours after the outcome of “Secret Project”, That is to say, “Source Code” is a sequel that closes the duology (saga formed by just 2 parts).

"SOURCE CODE" official trailer

  • Environment: Underground informatics lab Lambda-22
  • Gender: Sci-Fi / Action
  • Atmosphere: Technology / Retro-futuristic
  • Music: Modern orchestra / Electro / Industrial
  • Escape Game with live performance!


The mission as it was originally conceived, much more complete, 100 minutes long.

It is the ideal option for those who do not want to miss a single detail and wish to know all the secrets of the game. Perfect for real lovers of escapism and gamers who really enjoy escape rooms, and want to live a super complete adventure:

  • All original puzzles
  • Up to 100 minutes of gameplay
  • Various additional surprises
  • Extended soundtrack
  • 3 different mission endings
  • A gift to each player! =)


A compressed mission, more dynamic but quite a real challenge, 75 minutes long.

It is the ideal option for those who do not want to play such a long adventure. Perfect for escapists who don’t mind getting a little more help during the quest since the game is difficult, and for those who have a tighter budget:

  • Various shortcuts and simplifications
  • Up to 75 minutes of gameplay
  • Special assistance
  • Custom soundtrack
  • 2 different mission endings
  • Cheaper option!

Our escapist-advice:

Do you love Escape Rooms? Do you have experience? Choose ‘Original Mode’. You will live the entire “Source Code” experience, without missing a detail.

Do you have little experience & come with kids? Do you have a very tight budget? Choose ‘Challenge Mode’. Despite being a difficult game, we will help you, and it will prevent the game from taking too long.

Are you passionate escapists but have another appointment later, or don’t want to play so late? Are you undecided? Postpone the game to another day when you have more time, and don’t miss out on the experience as it was originally designed (‘Original Mode’).

Synopsis - "SOURCE CODE"

TowerNet Corporation has once again urgently summoned you for immediate intervention, barely 12 hours after the end of the “Secret Project” mission. As members of the prestigious ‘Section 9’, you will have to return to the Lambda-22 laboratory with a new missionn vital for the survival of the corporation (and even for humanity). Prepare well for the “Source Code” operation: a real race against the clock, as you will have to test your skills as a special operations specialist!

To know more, click + INFO ABOUT THE ADVENTURE (Warning: there are spoilers!)

Following the events of ‘Project Secret’, the artificial superintelligence SkyDOS is aware of its imminent deactivation. Immediately afterward, the super-AI considers TowerNet Corporation (and thus all of its staff) as a serious threat to its very existence. Knowing that its time is up and with enough backup batteries still working, SkyDOS finds a way to guarantee its survival: to transcend the Internet. To do this, it must first take control of the TowerNET corporation’s own intranet, from which it will be able to access