1. Identification and contact of the website’s owner

Torrenigma Escape Room (hereinafter referred to as “Torrenigma”) is the property of Juan Alfonso Gil del Pozo, ID number 52586223-N, physical address in Calle Isidoro Rivas nº3 Bajo, phone number (+34) 691 912 630 and email address info@torrenigma.com.

2. Scope of application

Browsing the Torrenigma website implies fully assuming the condition of user and absolute acceptance of everything stated in this disclaimer.

3. Age

Information registrations, booking requests, gift cards and any other similar actions in our web Torrenigma can only be performed by adults aged eighteen (18). In the event that a minor registered, the reservation would be immediately cancelled and legal proceedings could be taken against the parents of the minor.

4. Intellectual and industrial property

The website’s contents, such as texts, graphics, images and even the source code, are protected by intellectual and property rights. Said contents may not be reproduced, manipulated or transformed without prior consent from Torrenigma. Users have access to the contents and may make authorized copies for private use as long as they are not disclosed to third parties, installed in a network server or subject to commercial or private exploitation.

5. Common web usage rules

The user undertakes to use the website of Torrenigma responsibly, according to the rules hereinafter explained:

  • No using or uploading viruses or any other malware.
  • No posting commercial communication through the website.
  • No impersonating other users.
  • No disturbing, intimidating or harassing other users.
  • No gathering content or information from other users.
  • No making false bookings. If necessary, legal proceedings regarding cybercrime will be issued and drastic measures will be taken. We are not joking about this!
  • No unlawful, misleading, malicious or discriminatory acts are allowed in the website according to these terms and conditions and to the Spanish legal system.

Torrenigma has the right to remove any content or suspend the provision of service at its own discretion in case that any of the terms and conditions provided in this Disclaimer.
For all enquiries and clarifications regarding these common rules or these particular terms, please contact us via email at info@torrenigma.com.

6. Links and limitation of liability

The insertion of a hyperlink shall in no event imply the existence of any relationship between Torrenigma and the owner of the website where it was published, or the acceptance or approval of its contents or services. Those who wish to insert a hyperlink must obtain a written authorization in advance from Torrenigma through our contact email address info@torrenigma.com. In any case, the hyperlink will only grant access to the main page of our website. Additionally, you must refrain from making any false, inaccurate or incorrect statement or instruction related to Torrenigma, or include any unlawful contents which are contrary to public policy or to accepted principles of morality.

Torrenigma shall not be liable for any use that any user might make of the materials made available in this website and for their acts regarding them. The general content present in the website of Torrenigma is for purposes of information only.

No liability is assumed by Torrenigma for the content or running of third party websites the user of our store may access through any type of link.

Torrenigma disclaims any liability -to the fullest extent permissible under applicable law- for damages regarding viruses or malwares installed by third parties, or for acts infringing any property or privacy rights, rights to honour, or any unlawful advertising.

If any user or third party considers that any kind of unlawful act is taking place in the website of Torrenigma, please contact Torrenigma through the email address info@torrenigma.com. You must duly identify yourself specifying the facts you are reporting and we will do everything possible to respond to the request urgently, always complying with current legislation.

7. Privacy policy

If information were to be collected in the website, Torrenigma will be responsible for it and will handle it with the utmost confidentiality, security and in compliance with the Spanish RGPD (Reglamento General de Protección de Datos – General Data Protection Regulation) May 25 2018. You may find more information regarding our privacy policy and use of cookies in the specific information website for this matters.

8. Applicable law, controversial issues solving and competent court

The use of this website is subject to Spanish law. Any controversy arising from or related to the use of the website of Torrenigma shall be settled nonexclusively by the courts and tribunals from Velez-Malaga, unless otherwise indicated by the code of conduct or current regulations.

The European Commission has a unique and free platform (RLL) to help consumers and companies to resolve disputes related to operations and contracts carried out on the Internet, whose creation and development is regulated under Regulation EU 524/2013 of the European Parliament, which in turn is based on the Regulations on the alternative resolution of consumer disputes. If you need to access this platform, you can do so from this link: European Union Online Dispute Resolution.

Likewise, it is made known that this website is not an e-Commerce platform, so a booking or reservation is not a binding contract in any case, understanding that the user will show himself responsibly on the reserved day and at the agreed time.