The Arcane Amulet

THE ARCANE AMULET is a 60 minutes adeventure from 2 to 6 players

Enjoy a one hour investigation, full of suspense, inside of our mysterious period mansion from another era placed in the middle heart of the forest. Its will set a combining Howard Phillips Lovecraft and Edgar Allan Poe’s aesthetics and literary atmosphere, and that honors the prestigious saga ‘Alone in The Dark’ and the first ‘Resident Evil’ videogame (Biohazard). A classic adventure that will test your ability as investigators of the occult.

“The Arcane Amulet” will provide you with the best you can expect from a tradicional escape game with full inmersion. Live a unique and unrepeatable Escape Room!

  • Enviroment: 1930’s dark mansion
  • Gender: Mystery / Suspense
  • Atmosphere: Romantic / Dark / Historical / Lovecraftian
  • Music: Classic Music / Ambient
  • Difficulty adapted to the experience of the team (6 levels)
El Amuleto Arcano

Synopsis - The Arcane Amulet

During a pleasant walk through a dense forest, a sudden fiery thunderstorm breaks out righ on top of your heads. You quickly make your way back to your car, but something happens and you get lost in the dark forest. Disoriented, you seek shelter in a deserted mansion located in the middle of the woods. Its door is half-open and you can spot some tiny lights on. When you go inside, you notice something is off. Its decor is strange, disturbing even… but at least you’re now safe from that damned storm…

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(Warning: there are spoilers!)

Suddenly, the door slams shut behind you. A mysterious figure appears before you… almost like a ghost… and it has something to tell you. Listen carefully, for your destiny depends on how seriously you take their instructions… In this incredible classic adventure you can visit the 30s through a disturbing mansion in which a mysterious amulet of great powers is hidden. Finding it seems to be the key to everything.

Keep your focus and work together! Don’t let your sanity slip away!

[ End of spoilers ]

Escena interior de El Amuleto Arcano por Torrenigma Escape Room
Real image of the interior of the former Hartwood & Spencer mansion

This adventure has NO terror/horror parts and it is suitable for all audiences.

Minors must always be accompanied by an adult.

Activity recommended for ages 12 and up.