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Torrenigma is an Escape Room project made between friends, and at the same time true fans of the world of mystery and puzzles. Here you can find out more about us: the human team that made escapism possible in the Axarquía region. The first Escape Room in eastern Malaga, open to the public on July 27, 2017 and located in Torre del Mar, 4 kilometers south of Vélez-Málaga and just half an hour from Malaga city.

You will also be able to learn more about the history of our brand. Come in, you are in your tower!

The human team of Torrenigma Escape Room

Juan Alfonso: Founder / Art Director / Game Master

The brain behind the design of the rooms, with special attention to the setting, the atmosphere and all its details. With a Diploma in Artistic Direction from the ECAM in Madrid and a Diploma in Tourism from the UMA, Juan Alfonso worked for a decade in art departments on all kinds of audiovisual projects. He also worked as a supporter of 3D miniatures for board games, in 3DA. He is capable of working on 6 things at the same time, yes, at six times less speed in each of them! He designs and builds the rooms, with the support of his brother, Alberto.

This veleño is a lover of movies and series, an inveterate music lover, a convinced environmentalist and above all a lover of games in general, especially puzzles, logic and strategy. Juan Alfonso could be your Master during the games you enjoy in Torrenigma, guiding the teams during these adventures. Dedicated, perfectionist and artistic personality, he is our particular “DaVinci”, and one of the original founders of Torrenigma. Logically, he is a regular Escape Rooms player, and whenever he gets the chance he plays with his brother and/or with his official team, the Nyarlatopetes.

Alberto: Co-owner / Designer / Game Master

This young computer scientist is undoubtedly the most alert mind of the group (and sometimes the craziest!), always looking for an alternative way to overcome challenges, as well as “finding bugs in the Matrix”. He is in charge of the most playful aspects of the room. His wit and sharpness allows the team to improve and optimize the game and its puzzles, trying to balance them so that escaping is a real challenge, but not an impossible mission! Correct: this man from Vélez-Málaga is also Juan Alfonso’s brother, and another passionate Escape Rooms player.

Also, it is no coincidence that his name is Alberto: he is our particular “Einstein”. Genius and somewhat of a zany…particularly adept at board games, a video game scholar, and passionate reader, he is quite the talent despite being one of the youngest members. And he has programming skills! You can buy his soul with pizza, if he has enough cheese. With a great sense of humor, he is also quite clueless, which makes him even more endearing. By the way, Alberto is also one of the towering Game Masters who could help you throughout the game, so you have a better chance of escaping!

Helena: Game Master / Source of Inspiration

Helena de Torrenigma Escape Room

For this graduate in Chemistry, the search for information, the analysis of evidence, and any unsolved mystery, is addictive. The perfect formula to be passionate about escapism. Although she may seem shy at first, you will soon discover that she has the most peculiar humor… Nothing that can’t be fixed with a good bar of chocolate or a bag of ”chips”, as she would say. But beware! She will quickly be noticed for her sense of humor and her spontaneity. Her funny and wacky personality is contagious, and she manages to break the ice in any situation. Her off-the-cuff comments and funny quips keep the atmosphere lively and stimulating. She is always willing to provide support and encouragement to our players, creating a spirit of camaraderie and cooperation. She is our particular “Marie Curie”. Innovative and restless, she is quite the revolution with a lot of chemistry!

This impetuous young woman is a voracious reader, from Chejóv and Nabokov, going through classics like Poe or Lovecraft, and an endless number of books, among which she says she lives; Without a doubt, his favorite will always be the creator of the famous ”Sherlock Holmes”, Arthur Conan Doyle. ‘I was born, I grew up and I will die among books’ is what this Game Master tells us. As you can see, getting to know her well will be a challenge on almost the same level as our rooms, but with guaranteed laughter.


Álvaro: Founder / Technical and Safety Supervisor (currently inactive)

Laboratory technician, with a super-positive spirit and lover of nature who loves artifacts, mechanisms and curious things in general. Álvaro is originally from Torre del Mar, and without a doubt he is a true fan of DIY, gadgets of all kinds and challenges: there is no device after the 80’s that can resist him, or so we think!

He is our particular “MacGyver”, and he is personally in charge of supervising that the gaming experience is satisfactory and safe for all his users, from the youngest to the oldest. He also has a heart of gold and is dedicated like few people, both to his family and friends. Oh, and he is also one of the founders of Torrenigma! Thanks to his commitment and dedication, the ‘Torrenigma’ project was able to take shape and be born in the summer of 2017.
He is currently inactive in our escapist project, because he had to return to his previous job, although we continue to count on him to test all our adventures.

Marina: Interpreter / Translator

This very nice Malaga native with an open and enthusiastic character, graduated in Translation and Interpreting from the UMA, is in charge of interpreting, translating and revising all our texts in English. A lover of languages, she knows German and can converse perfectly in Korean! With an adventurous spirit, she is a regular traveler who, after several years and stays abroad, continues to collaborate with us!

In addition to languages, she is fond of solving logic and ingenuity games. She loves mental challenges of all kinds, especially those that require more concentration and analytical skills, which makes her a big fan of our adventures (she said so! ^_^). Marina is our particular “Agatha Christie”, given her innate talent for writing and her command of language.

José Daniel: Marketing Advisor / Sound Design and Visual Effects

Graduated in Digital Marketing, totally passionate about the audiovisual universe, as well as a fan of escapism with many rooms played, José Daniel (Dani for friends) aspires to be one of the pioneers and gurus in the most avant-garde innovation to come in future rooms from Escape Room, since, according to him, the best is yet to come. He is currently the main announcer on Fusión Radio Málaga, where his charisma is undoubtedly key to the Andalusian radio station.

This multidisciplinary collaborator, a native of Vélez-Málaga, is co-responsible for the sound and visual design of the two new adventures, “Secret Project” and “Source Code”. Without him, these new adventures wouldn’t have the spark they do! To put the icing on the cake, Dani represents a valuable ally due to his deep knowledge in marketing. He is also very restless and has recently become a great player of board games.
He is our particular “Darwin”, since he studies the evolution of escapism and is very interested in all the ins and outs about its history and future projection.

Eli: Escapist Visionary, Consultant and Informant / Undisputed Leader Nyarlatopetina

Eli 'Aldery' líder de los Nyarlatopetes

Torrenigma had a before and after on November 17, 2018, when the newly founded “Nyarlatopetes” appeared at its doors. It turns out that Eli and Juan Alfonso met in Granada 18 years ago, and they hadn’t met since! Eli is the founder (together with the incomparable Al Vértigo) of this legendary escapist team, which has been sowing numerous records -not only for time but for many other kinds (such as the erotic-festive or the geek-enjoyment)- where they have passed . They have around 10 additional recurring players, including Juan Alfonso since this magical reunion.

Eli has been part of Torrenigma’s life ever since, giving us not only support, information and valuable advice, but also making us known to all corners of the peninsula (and beyond!). She has been a regular player who, 4 years after appearing in our lives, would already have played more than 200 rooms in her history. Spectacularly talented, we consider her one of the best gamers on the face of the earth: good in almost every aspect – don’t throw her into an extreme horror game – this living legend of escapism has a lot to talk about. We consider her our own “Virginia Woolf”: ahead of her time, visionary and revolutionary.

The origin of Torrenigma

The project began to take shape in February 2017, when Juan Alfonso convinced his close friend Álvaro -after playing a couple of games together in Malaga city- to set up this activity on the Malaga coast. In addition, Alberto will join them, who will play a fundamental role in the design of the adventure.

The main spirit of the project is to create “the Escape Room that we would like to find ourselves” as players: where the details matter, where the setting is truly immersive, where the story is coherent and the puzzles and tests are in turn related to this story. Where the players are received with enthusiasm and the rules of the game are explained to them in detail. Where there is no rush to serve the visitor, because after all we do not do this as a business for profit, but with the illusion of creating addicts to escapism. And where the games are not easy and boring, to reward the effort of the escapist: as the king of Sparta Leonidas himself would have said in our era: THIS IS… TORRENIGMA!

As of March, the 3 friends begin the design and construction of the first adventure, “The Arcane Amulet”, greatly inspired by the work of H. P. Lovecraft and mystery games. After months of planning, various works, select management and careful decoration, the game is ready in the middle of the summer of 2017, offering a totally original adventure that would be a pioneer of its generation within the province of Malaga.

Torrenigma Escape Room is officially founded at the end of July 2017, with the enormous illusion of creating a new type of leisure in its native area.

If you want to know our journey through the years and know our history in detail, do not hesitate to visit THIS article from our blog with the detailed history of Torrenigma Escape Room.

Other Torrenigma’s collaborators

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Doncel Y Alcoba Professional Photography
Fusión Radio Málaga

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